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Providing the industry with market leading insights, global networking gatherings,
domestic community groups, and key collaborations, the GCI fights for open minds, borders
and the development of a truly global cannabis infrastructure.

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Global Cannabis Institute
Leaders' Summit
Our Leaders’ Summits are held in a unique format.

The relaxed professional environment we curate for cannabis leaders ensure the greatest minds in the industry – from across each sector of the value-chain – are able to find future collaborators best suited to their working needs. At our Leaders’ Summits you won’t just make valuable connections; you’ll make long-lasting friendships with like-minded peers. We ensure that everyone in our community has a voice and can drive the discussion when they’re with us, regardless of whether they’re up on stage with a microphone or not.

We have a team bringing expertise from an array of backgrounds and industries, who have curated the perfect format to give you the opportunity to take away strategies, answers, and ideas, rather than just business cards.

Content, Research & Insights
Our community houses many of the greatest minds in medicine, research, and business, pushing the boundaries and constantly innovating. We provide the platform to promote, collaborate, and develop research, all in support of increasing access to cannabis and its derivatives for health and wellness.

Take a moment to check out the free-to-access GCI Content Hub, bringing together industry reports, peer reviewed studies, articles, podcasts and more…
Global Cannabis Institute
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